October 27, 2021

Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)


Goldfarb developed GML over a number of years. Eventually GML became standardized and recognized as in international standard in 1986. Known as Standard Generalized Markup Language, SGML.

SGML provides a framework for developing document structure and conformance. SGML has:

  • No specific document structure
  • No limits on the tag set
  • No constraints on the ability of users to develop new document standards

SGML found immediate use in military documentation and in the civil aviation industry.

The advantages of structured data, without regard to document presentation:

  • Data can quickly accessed and selected according to some pre-determined criteria
  • Data can be readily sorted
  • Data can be transformed
  • Required data can be output to a variety of media (print, screen - PC, Mac, PDA, mobile phone - audio)

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