July 15, 2024

Transforming Data Into Information


If you go here you will find a form that I'm going to ask you to process. When you finish return to this page.

OK, hopefully, you entered some data, clicked the Submit button and were presented with another web page that displayed that data. If you didn't fill in the form as I wished, you were prompted to try again.

Now try this form. Again come back when you have finished.

The two processes that you have just engaged with encompass the three main themes of M150.

  1. You were presented with a web page and asked to enter certain values. In other words data was collected.
  2. You pressed the submit button. At which point that data was stored and operated on by a program. The program, written in JavaScript, was embedded in the webpage and manipulated the data before displaying some text, marked up in HTML, on another webpage.
  3. In the case of the first form this simply reflected the values you entered. With the second form, the data was operated on in such a way as to display some information about you, i.e. whether or not you are new to the OU.

These exercises encapsulate a major theme of the course, namely the transformation of data into information.

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