October 27, 2021

Number System Exercises


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1. Convert the following IP addresses into 32-bit binary form.


Link to answer for Q1.

2. Convert the following decimal RGB values into hex form.

R 255
G 000
B 051
R 102
G 204
B 153

Link to answer for Q2.

3. Add the following binary numbers
(i) 00010110 + 00111111
(ii) 01111101 + 01100011

Link to answer for Q3.

4. Convert the answers to 3(i) and (ii) into decimal numbers.

Link to answer for Q4.

5. By using the 8-bit ASCII table, the following binary code can be used to represent the four characters M150

01001101 00110001 00110101 00110000

Give the decimal representation of each character.

Link to answer for Q5.

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