October 27, 2021

JavaScript Password exercises


This question tests a range of programming concepts including, boolean conditions, branching and looping.

A JavaScript program is required to request, via a dialogue box, a password from a user. The input, which can be of any length, must be validated such that it is only valid if it has no spaces. Any character, other than a space, is permissible. As soon as a space is detected, the program should terminate with a message provided in an alert box stating
Invalid, contains a space!
If the password is deemed correct the program should output, via an alert box, the message
Valid password.

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The next two questions test your knowledge of functions; namely how to write and call them.

The code for the above Q6 is to be modified, although it will still implement the same behaviour. When modifying your code you are asked to write and use a function isSpace(). This function will accept a string as its argument. If the string is a single space character, the function will return true, else it returns false.

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The code for Q6 is to be further modified. The user is to be initally presented with a dialogue box displaying the message
Do you wish to enter a password?

If the user confirms by clicking OK, the dialogue box requesting a password is to be provided. However, if the user declines, your program should immediately exit with a the message
Access denied.

Your code should implement and make use of a function checkEnter(). This function returns, depending on the user's response to the initial dialogue confirm, an appropriate Boolean value.

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